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Rachel James | Hatha Yoga Teacher

Welcome to Oxford Yoga Tuition

Rachel James is highly qualified and experienced Hatha Yoga teacher, who has been self-employed in Oxfordshire since 2006.

Private sessions may be held on-line, at the Home Studio or in the comfort of your own space.

Rachel holds regular in-depth workshops at Vishuddha Yoga Centre. Annual retreats are held in Tuscany.

She has professionally recorded a Yoga Nidra practice that can be purchased in the Oxford Yoga Tuition online shop along with the essential oils that are used in the sessions. 

Her sessions are developed from the classical Asana (postures), Bandha (core strength), Mantras (chanting), Mudras (hand gestures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Savasana (relaxation), and Meditation techniques. 

She also works with residential trauma survivors at Khiron House Clinics.

Please browse the website for further details and don’t hesitate to contact Rachel if you have any questions or wish to book her services.

Prof. Prof. 22

Private Tuition

One of the best ways to pass on the benefits of Yoga, private tuition is tailored to your individual needs and you work at your own pace

Home Studio

A clean, light environment for private sessions of up to 3 people (or for 4 if you require just breathing meditation and relaxation practices)


workshops are based on themes such as Posture, Longevity, the Vagus Nerve, the Spine, the Core and The Chakras


Retreats are mindfulness based and include breathing and relaxation techniques, focusing on your ‘intention’ during your stay


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