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Rachel James is a Qualified Hatha Yoga Tutor with Classes and Workshops throughout the Oxford Area

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    Newly retired I started yoga with Rachel in January 2008.  I was the end of a career, my new teacher Rachel was at the beginning of her career. That I am still going, every Monday, to practice with her and to learn from her is a testament both to her as a person and as […]

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    Pat & Jeremy Barrow

    I first met Rachel in 2013 when I had just been diagnosed with cancer. Yoga was recommended as therapeutic when going through chemotherapy. A friend gave me Rachel’s name and we have been working together ever since. At that time Rachel said that she had limited experience of working with cancer patients, particularly one like me that had a […]

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    Judy Palmer

    I started doing yoga with you after I retired at the end of 2007. Initially I thought that one class a week would be all that I wanted to do. How wrong I was! Soon I was practicing at home and attending classes and workshops run by other teachers. This has made me realise how […]

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    Oksana Davis

    I practice Energy Healing myself and need deep Yoga to “recharge” and support my physical and emotional state after long days of work. I found Rachel some years ago and have become one of her numerous followers. Rachel is not just a professional and experienced Yoga teacher, she is our therapeutic Energy and Yoga guru. […]

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    Corri Waitt

    Rachel is a is a fantastic teacher, and she always creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in which to learn. She skilfully tailors her classes to a range of abilities, and her breadth of knowledge allows her to bring many beneficial practices to the sessions, such as breath work and chanting.

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    My husband and have been attending Rachel’s class at the Wolvercote yoga barn for about a year and feel that we have found our ‘yoga home’. We appreciate the calm atmosphere that Rachel creates in the class and her welcoming and inclusive approach. She is also very knowledgeable about the various aspects of yoga and about anatomy, […]

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    Carol James

    I am a student of Rachel James’ Yoga class at the NOA Centre in Summertown.  I think she is an excellent Yoga Instructor.  She often asks for feedback from her students and her classes are varied from week to week to meet their needs as well as covering core exercises and postures.  She is very friendly and I find […]

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    Rachel’s yoga classes are exceptional, both because of the excellent standard of teaching and, crucially, the warm and tranquil ambience she creates. When my lovely previous yoga teacher retired I searched for a new class for over a year without success. It is so exciting to have at last found the experience I was looking […]

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    I’ve really enjoyed the sessions we have been doing on posture and balance over the past few weeks and some of them are slowly beginning to become conscious though I think this takes a long time! Your classes have been a really important part of my life in Oxford, they’ve added hugely to my sense […]

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    Anna Williamson (ex yoga teacher)

    Massage and Aromatherapist, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy, CBT Rachel James has taught me yoga for many years and I keep coming back for more, . Her teaching style is exceptional ,as she is able to provide yogic exercises for all levels, comprising asanas as well as meditation. In this busy […]

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    Dorothy Kavanagh

    Rachel strikes a perfect balance in her classes between the physical and the mental aspects of yoga. Rachel’s yoga classes are always challenging, yet one is never made to feel inadequate as she praises, encourages and celebrates what the individual is able to achieve, regardless of whether or not it is ‘perfect’. Rachel, as a teacher, […]

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    Jane Ivimey

    Rachel took over our class (from our very experienced, long-standing yoga teacher) towards the end of her training x years ago. She has been an excellent teacher, pitching the lessons appropriately, with just the right balance of challenge and repetition, always with clear instructions and explanations, with tips on how particular asanas improve health in […]

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    I have been enjoying Yoga for many years and when I came to Rachel’s class for the first time I knew I need to see her more the once a week! The classes I knew here in Oxford were too fast or too slow, she offers the perfect combination.

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    Jane Bower

    I have known Rachel James for a number of years and have regularly attend her classes. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is very detailed, and I have gained enormously from her careful instructions and empathetic approach when we all attempt new asanas. She is without doubt the best yoga instructor I have worked with and our […]

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    Anita Lloyd

    I have had Rachel as a yoga teacher and attended her weekly class at Ferry Centre, Oxford over a 10 year period.  I have watched her develop from a tentative student into an extremely competent and helpful yoga teacher. As one of Rachel’s older members I have to thank her for helping me maintain a good […]

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    Rachel is an extremely experienced yoga teacher who can adapt her classes to suit any level of competency and ambition. Her instructions are clear and her techniques varied ensuring each class member can enjoy yoga and be challenged to whatever level they want. And on top of all that she makes the sessions fun and […]

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    Ria Lay

    I have attended Rachel’s yoga classes and workshops for the last 6 years. Rachel is my all time favourite teacher and I always look forward to her classes. She is professional and mindful. Her instructions are very clear and she will give options for both beginners and the more advanced. Her practices are varied and she does challenge her […]

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    Alan Craft

    DC Chiropractor Rachel’s teaching is helping me reach ever better understandings of my body.  Highly recommended

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    Marisa Mulargia

    Yoga is for me an appointment that I can’t miss. I decided to start with Yoga in order to solve my neck and shoulder problems. Attending the session on Mondays gives me the opportunity to start the week in a very good mood and I can feel all the benefits during the whole week in […]

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    I love your classes for putting me back in my body and out of my busy mind for the best hour of my week. You have an unerring, gentle presence that invites me to be aware of my body and feelings without the need for a story. Your deep love of yoga is always in the room […]