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Please let me know, in advance if possible, of any injuries or illness that might affect your practice.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Yoga is best practiced in bare feet, so that you can grip the ground and not slip. If you have a reason to keep you socks on that is fine. Bring extra layers, socks, shawls or blankets for Savasana (relaxation).

Some classes provide mats, blocks, bolsters. When you become a regular student of Yoga you will find that it feels good to have your own equipment.

Try not to eat 2 hours before class. Yoga is best done on an empty stomach. But don’t let this put you off coming. Better to eat something light and come along anyway.

Yoga is for everyone.

Enjoy being in your body and playing with movement and stillness while breathing and being alive.

Developing a meditative atmosphere is important at the beginning of the practice. Arrive early to start on time. Please enter quietly if you are unavoidably late.

Please let me know in advance if you think you may need to leave during the class. Sometimes this is also unavoidable. Leave before not during relaxation.

Attending a class