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30th May 2020
The Spine & Core – Function Structure & Movement

St Anthony Of Padua Catholic Church Hall 115 Headley Way, Oxford OX3 7SS
Our Spines are the major support and energy channel of our bodies. Our Core muscles support the most vulnerable areas of the Spine. Our awareness of the Spine & Coree can help us to maintain our strength & mobility. Each area has a different function. Some areas are more vulnerable than others. No one Spine is the same and we will have a brief look at variability.
In the workshop, we will spend some time on theory and practice using a life-sized, articulated anatomical model and poster charts. This will help us understand our own vertebral column and define the area that we call The Core. 
*We will practice some deep breathing techniques that will help bring awareness to the relationship between the breath, the core and the spine.
*We will practice some easy, simple, and safe movements to get us limbered
*We will do some targeted strength practices that will help to stabilise the Spine & Core in all ranges of movement
*We will look at safe lifting techniques that will protect the vulnerable areas from injury
*We will play around with some postures that promote mobility
*We will practice some more relaxing floor poses that help us to go a little deeper into stretching and releasing tension.
*As always there will be a long relaxation/meditation session that will incorporate the practice.
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Some photos from our Saturday Workshops