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29th Feb 2020
Longevity – Yoga Workshops in Oxford

St Anthony Of Padua Catholic Church Hall 115 Headley Way, Oxford OX3 7SS

We are living longer. There are now over 12,000 centenarians in the World. Evidence-based studies indicate that longevity is based on two major factors, genetics and lifestyle choices.

Aging is a natural part of life, but there is a fine line between getting old and aging gracefully. The average life expectancy in the UK is approaching 80 years. While that might seem like a reasonable lifespan, chronic illness is on the rise.

Extended lifespan does not necessarily equal a long healthy life. There are some illnesses that are unavoidable. But genetics accounts for only around a quarter of age related illness. I

n fact, studies have shown that lifestyle choices have a far more significant impact than hereditary factors on our life expectancy.

This is empowering as it means that the choices that we make directly influence the aging process. Being aware and developing your connection with yourself will contribute towards your understanding of the choices you will make to maintain your wellbeing and have a healthy long life.

In this workshop we will

  • Develop our mental, emotional, physical self-awareness
  • Develop a breath & heart centred practice to reduce stress related illness
  • Understand the vulnerable areas of the muscular skeletal structure
  • Move the body through it’s full range of pain free movement
  • Learn about movement variability to avoid injury
  • Improve Posture & Balance
  • Key practices to assist independent living
  • Set Goals & Intentions for a life well lived

The Hall is perfect for these Workshops. It is modern, well heated and ventilated, clean with good kitchen and toilet facilities. There is plenty of parking. There is enough space for 20 people to spread out comfortably. If you have your own mat please bring it with you or let me know if you would like to borrow one. I will bring a few blocks and blankets.

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£40 Pay on the door

£35 Pay in advance

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£30 Bring a friend

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1 FREE PLACE – by arrangement. Please contact me to arrange to donate what you can afford I would not like the cost of the events to discourage anyone from coming 07862718271.

Some photos from our Saturday Workshops