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Home Studio

Rachel has set up a small studio at home. Her family use it for their personal practices. 

It is a healing space and has been imbibed with many Yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation practices.

There is equipment there for your use but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.


The studio is charged at £90 per hour for up to 3 people. £30 per extra person. For more than 3 people where space is limited, we can focus on Pranayama, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques. 

All prices are negotiable.


The Studio offers a clean, light environment to receive private sessions for up to 3 people (or for 4 if you require just breathing meditation and relaxation practices).

An aerial trapeze has been installed and Rachel will be doing the necessary training to be able to offer 121 sessions. 

The trapeze gives an additional experience of being in an anti-gravitational suspension that can help release tension in our joints, muscles, and fascia. 

It enables us to experience a different sensation of stretch and release.

The Studio is also equipped with Zoom if time, distance, or travelling are an issue and you would like to arrange online sessions.