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Breath Workshop

April 28th Sunday 12.30 – 3.30

with tea, coffee and cake afterwards


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Since planning for the workshop I wanted to update the content. The Breath is a form of life-force energy and can be a way of increasing and harnessing our Prana. It is the Breath of Life. Each Breath can be seen as precious and we can be more mindful of how we breathe. It is always with us, making it an available anchor for us to focus on in our Mindfulness and Yoga practices. It can be central to our Practice. It can also help us move from feeling stressed or depressed which can cause dis-ease in our body to feeling calm and centred which promotes healing and repair. 
This workshop will briefly explore the anatomy and physiology of the breath and how it relates to the Pranic System in Yoga. We will practice movements to limber the respiratory muscles, find our breath count, and then we will apply the Bandhas if appropriate for you. We will do some more movements that engage the bandhas and some stronger pranayama techniques like Kapalabhati. We take time to properly practice and understand Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, applying your count and bandha to the practice. We will end with Savasana and Meditaiton.

At the end of the workshop, I would like you to take away a personal practice that you can incorporate into your yoga, meditation or self-care routine.

Rachel holds regular workshops at Vishuddha Yoga Centre.

Workshops give us the opportunity to delve into particular themes. Rachel is interested in anatomy, physiology, neurology and how we function. She bases her workshops on the themes of Posture, Longevity, The Vagus Nerve, The Spine, and The Core and how our internal systems relate to the energy centres, The Chakras.

Workshop 03

Workshops begin with a short, in-depth theory and followed by a long practice. They are about 3 hours long and include a long relaxation practice. You are welcome to stay for tea, coffee and cake after the workshops. 

Workshop 02

The intention for the Workshops is to give us time for a detailed exploration of familiar themes that people will have a new experience of and take the learning away with them. 

Refreshments are available after the session in Vishuddha’s purpose-built Yoga Studio. It is a beautiful, modern, state-of-the-art space that is imbibed with the love and passion for Yoga. 

Book Workshops directly with Vishuddha Yoga Centre.