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Essential Oils

Over the years so many people have asked me for my ‘Insect Repellent’ and ‘Vagus Nerve Blend’ that I have now made them available on the website to purchase.

They are both not only useful and effective treatments but also serve as a lush body and room fragrance, and nervous system restorative. So here they are at last. I can make up larger batches to order. Each batch is handmade and unique. I measure the ingredients but there may be a slight variation between batches.

In 2014 I began accumulating my stock of essential oils. My family were visiting my brother Oli in Sri Lanka. I react terribly to mosquito bites, but I don’t like the chemical protection that is readily available. I looked up a recipe online for an insect repellent and made my own. I gifted this blend to many people who were off on their exotic travels, and it has proved very effective. I carry it around during the summer in the UK. I take it to Italy on Retreat when we are all practising outside and need to focus on Yoga and not being bothered by insects. It is always in my working kit bag, and we use it in mindfulness and relaxation sessions at Khiron Clinics and anytime the weather is good enough to practice outside.

Yoga Nidra Audio Recording

This is a high-quality professional recording. Yoga Nidra is a manifestation practice. At the beginning of the practice set yourself a Sankalpa (an intention). The recording gives full instructions about setting an intention. I will guide you through a very specific body scan that resonates with the motor and sensory cortex of the brain and helps to create a hypnogogic state of deep relaxation. There will be a guided imagery practice that accesses the subconscious states where you will plant the seed of your intention. The subconscious mind will receive the intention and help it to manifest in your life. You can use the recording to strengthen your resolve and repeat it often when you wish to create a new Sankalpa. All the recordings have been produced at Temple Sound Studio with Sam Williams

Credit: Sam Williams Music


During Lockdown Rachel adapted to zoom and recorded the sessions. They are 1.5 hours but if you want to do the initial slow warm up or skip to the stronger postures in the middle or go to the end for savasana and meditation you can fast forward or rewind from the content depending on how you are feeling.